CATCHY - The food and mess catcher for high chairs

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Catchy is a world-first food catcher, compatible with over 20 high chairs. It has been expertly designed to make mealtimes a breeze for parents, and fun for your little one. Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, Catchy is made from a non-toxic material so you can safely re-offer dropped food to your little human, or pop it in a Silicone Bowl With Lid and in the fridge for another time. Say goodbye to constant cleaning, back-breaking, wasted food, and ruined floors. 

Save your food, save your floors and save your sanity with Catchy!

  • Designed by parents, for parents
  • Backed by experts
  • Non-Toxic, BPA-free, FDA-Approved
  • Made to be reused, from recyclable materials
Product Benefits

- Saves your food: Made from non-toxic, BPA- free, PVC-free and food-safe material, so you can save dropped food (that would otherwise get wasted on the floor) and re-offer it to baby or save it for later!

- Saves your floors: Catches food dropped or thrown by bub, so no more ruined carpets and stained floorboards!

- Saves your sanity (and back!): No more getting on your hands and knees cleaning the floors or stressing every time your child throws their food. Sit back, relax and enjoy stress-free mealtimes with your bub!

- Easy to clean: Catchy is waterproof & much easier to clean than the floors! No need to vacuum or mop, or remove Catchy between meals, simply wipe it clean in place with a damp cloth (just like you clean the highchair tray).

- Helps encourage healthy eating habits: Catchy's founder Dr Rachel is a clinical psychologist, PhD, specialising in eating disorders. She, along with other experts who recommend Catchy, know how important it is for our bubs to explore their food and make a mess when eating. Catchy allows you to raise happy and healthy eaters without stressing about the mess.

- Sustainable: Made from recyclable material, Catchy is designed to be re-used and is not a single-use item.

- Doubles as a footrest: Catchy doubles as a footrest for toddlers to provide that foot support that is so important for focused eating.

- Protects dogs: Catchy doesn't mean less treats for our fur babies, it just means the right treats. There are many common baby foods that can be harmful to dogs (such as grapes, raisins & avocado). Catchy allows families to control & monitor what their fur babies are eating, to avoid upset tummies and unwanted weight gain.

- Perfect for sensory play: Catchy doesn’t just catch food – it’s the perfect companion for any sensory play or messy activities!

Suitable Age

From starting solids all the way up until they are out of a high chair. Catchy is designed to be used for the full duration that your little human is in a high chair.

For those in the Stokke Tripp Trapp, Catchy is designed to sit directly on top of the footrest and can be adjusted together as your child grows.

For those in other highchairs without foot support, Catchy doubles as a footrest for children whose feet comfortably reach Catchy. For smaller children whose feet don’t yet reach catchy, experts recommend using an additional footrest to provide foot support when eating

Expert View

Meet Dr. Rachel, a clinical psychologist specialising in eating disorders, dedicated to empowering families to raise happy, healthy eaters. In her expert guidance, Dr. Rachel emphasises the importance of letting babies get messy during their self-feeding journey. Exploring food with all their senses - from sight and smell to touch and taste - is crucial for developing a positive association with new flavours and textures. By creating a stress-free environment with Catchy that encourages sensory exploration and messy play, you can set your little human on a lifelong path of positive mealtimes.

Compatibility & Specifications

- Material: Non-toxic, BPA & PVC-free, food-safe Polypropylene
- Size: Approx 78cm (30.7”) x 65cm (25.6”)

You can see the 20+ high chairs Catchy is compatible with by selecting from the drop-down menu on this page. If your high chair is not available, please leave your details in the link above (under the high chair dropdown), and we'll notify you if we release a Catchy in the future for your high chair.

Why you'll love Catchy

How Catchy works


Is Catchy compatible with my high chair?

You can see the 20+ high chairs Catchy is compatible with by selecting from the drop-down menu on this page. If your high chair is not available, please leave your details in the link above (under the high chair dropdown), and we'll notify you if we release a Catchy in the future for your high chair.

How do I clean my Catchy?

Catchy is made from a waterproof and durable material, making it very easy to clean. No need to remove it between meals, simply wipe it clean in place (just like you clean the highchair tray) and it's good to go for the next meal. You can see Catchy Co-Founder, Rachel’s, cleaning demonstration & tips here.

How do I assemble my Catchy on my high chair?

All of our products have a QR code that can be scanned for assembly instructions.

If you are having any trouble at all with any of our products, just email and our friendly team will be able to assist you :)

All of our video assembly instructions (and troubleshooting videos) can also be found on our Youtube channel

How much space does Catchy take up?

Catchy has been designed to catch the optimum amount of food, whilst comfortably fitting around the contour of the highchair legs so that it doesn't take up much more space than your highchair would, and can therefore fit in small spaces.
It is approximately 78cm (30.7”) x 65cm (25.6”)
We have a demonstration video showing how your Catchy will seamlessly fit into your home
. You can watch here.

Is Catchy reusable?

YES! Catchy is designed to be reused meal after meal for many years (typically our customers use Catchy with their child from around 5 months of age until around 2.5-3 years of age). It’s not a single-use item! It’s recyclable if you want to discard it after you’re finished with it - but we recommend keeping it for your next little one, or gifting it to a friend :)

Is Catchy strong? What is it made of?

Catchy is durable, waterproof and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Catchy is made from non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free and food safe Polypropylene material so you can re-offer bub dropped food or save it for later.

Can I re-use food caught by my Catchy?

Catchy is made from non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free and food safe Polypropylene material so you can re-offer bub dropped food or save it for later.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2009 reviews
Carissa Griffin
Game changer!

I love this product. It will save my sanity. Easy to install. Fits perfectly.

Best highchair accessory!

A friend has one and once my bub reached the food stage, I purchased straight away. Lifesaver for carpeted areas!

Georgina C
I knew I needed it when I saw it

This is just a great product. Simple, effective and kind of aesthetic. It does what it promises.
I think it is genius from the company to have spotted a market gap (since I do not see high chair brands selling similar items), and coming up with a simple and great solution.
My baby enjoys to explore his food and I get to keep my nice carpet underneath (at least for the moment). But it is also great for playing in the high chair too, since many time toys “fall” from their tiny hands into the ground, and now not anymore.

Lives up to the hype

My husband laughed at me when he saw I'd bought this product, but now I'm having the last laugh! We have carpet in our dining room and I'd resigned myself to the idea that we would need to feed our little one in the kitchen until she stopped making a mess. The Catchy has changed everything for us - hardly a crumb hits the floor and we are able to salvage sooo much food that ends up over the side, rather than having to throw it in the bin. Super impressed. If you are on the fence about buying it, just do it.

Sarah Tino
Catchy is the BEST

Catchy is saving my floor, my back, and my sanity. Less food wasted and more time to play instead of cleaning! I love it and tell everyone with babies to get one, worth the investment!

Celeste Gomez
Still wondering why I didn’t get it any sooner

This item is a must as soon as your baby starts eating solids. It will save you a ton of time cleaning your floors. I absolutely love it!

Viki T
If you are thinking about it... get it... Don't wait!

Catchy is amazing. I was hesitant purchasing it. I felt i was wasting more money on another baby gimmick. It's not another gimmick! It's fantastic 👏 I should have purchased as soon as baby started solids not 4 months later. I no longer have to clean and sterilise the floor before and after feedings, i can give baby food back straight from the catchy with ease and without constantly bending over. Clean up in simple, wipe the high chair mess into catchy, wipe catchy down, done! Its easy and simple to install, lightweight but extremely sturdy. 1000% recommend! If you have a messy eater that loves food, just get it, you can thank me later!

Miroslava Tsaneva
Highly recommend!!!!

One of the best things we bought for our girl! Saves so much food and makes cleaning so easy! Thank you for inventing this❤️🤩

Saves my pup and cleanup!

Our little Yorkie eats anything he can scavenge and with a new little eater in the house this made us nervous. The catchy not only solved our puppy dilemma but also makes cleaning up after our baby girl so much faster and easier! I have definitely recommended this to friends and will continue to do so! We’ll done Catchy team!

Anja Krivec

CATCHY - The food and mess catcher for high chairs