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Game changer!

I love this product. It will save my sanity. Easy to install. Fits perfectly.

Best highchair accessory!

A friend has one and once my bub reached the food stage, I purchased straight away. Lifesaver for carpeted areas!

I knew I needed it when I saw it

This is just a great product. Simple, effective and kind of aesthetic. It does what it promises.
I think it is genius from the company to have spotted a market gap (since I do not see high chair brands selling similar items), and coming up with a simple and great solution.
My baby enjoys to explore his food and I get to keep my nice carpet underneath (at least for the moment). But it is also great for playing in the high chair too, since many time toys “fall” from their tiny hands into the ground, and now not anymore.

Lives up to the hype

My husband laughed at me when he saw I'd bought this product, but now I'm having the last laugh! We have carpet in our dining room and I'd resigned myself to the idea that we would need to feed our little one in the kitchen until she stopped making a mess. The Catchy has changed everything for us - hardly a crumb hits the floor and we are able to salvage sooo much food that ends up over the side, rather than having to throw it in the bin. Super impressed. If you are on the fence about buying it, just do it.

Catchy is the BEST

Catchy is saving my floor, my back, and my sanity. Less food wasted and more time to play instead of cleaning! I love it and tell everyone with babies to get one, worth the investment!

Still wondering why I didn’t get it any sooner

This item is a must as soon as your baby starts eating solids. It will save you a ton of time cleaning your floors. I absolutely love it!

If you are thinking about it... get it... Don't wait!

Catchy is amazing. I was hesitant purchasing it. I felt i was wasting more money on another baby gimmick. It's not another gimmick! It's fantastic 👏 I should have purchased as soon as baby started solids not 4 months later. I no longer have to clean and sterilise the floor before and after feedings, i can give baby food back straight from the catchy with ease and without constantly bending over. Clean up in simple, wipe the high chair mess into catchy, wipe catchy down, done! Its easy and simple to install, lightweight but extremely sturdy. 1000% recommend! If you have a messy eater that loves food, just get it, you can thank me later!

Highly recommend!!!!

One of the best things we bought for our girl! Saves so much food and makes cleaning so easy! Thank you for inventing this❤️🤩

Saves my pup and cleanup!

Our little Yorkie eats anything he can scavenge and with a new little eater in the house this made us nervous. The catchy not only solved our puppy dilemma but also makes cleaning up after our baby girl so much faster and easier! I have definitely recommended this to friends and will continue to do so! We’ll done Catchy team!

Works great!!

I was hesistant to order the catchy initially but husband was convinced it would save a lot of work. And it does!! We use it everyday and keeps the mess at bay

CATCHY - The food and mess catcher for high chairs

Game Changer!

Super happy with this product! We weren’t into BLW before Catchy because we didn’t want to deal with cleaning a messy floor for each meal. We also didn’t want to buy single use solutions as we are environmentally conscious. This really is the perfect solution. Our baby is now eating on their own and enjoys it SO MUCH! Other that that, it shipped internationally and there was no issue with customs. Super easy to assemble although we did have to de assemble our Stokke Tripptrapp to slide the catchy down and then reassemble. Easy to clean. 2 very happy parents!

Highly recommend!

Since we have gotten this, I have recommended it in all of my mom groups! The catchy has been a game changer for our floors and also being able to present food back to her when she tosses it. If you have a child in a high chair, I highly recommend!

Couldn't live without this !

Saw this on tik tok and knew I needed it for my 7 month old. Feeding him was such a chore because not only do I need to make nutritional meals, I now need to clean it off the floor after! Alot of the time he would throw something he was still eating and it had to go in the garbage. Now I clean the catchy with whatever cleaner I am using that's safe and effective and the food he throws isn't wasted because it lands In the catchy! My floors thank you, my bank account thanks you and I thank you!

Absolutely love catchy!

Such a good invention. I was having to clean the floors constantly and now I just get to wipe down the catchy! Absolutely winning!

Best money spent! Best purchase EVER! LOVE IT!

Catchy traveling to Sweden !! This is the best invention for BLW , EVER! I could not do baby led weaning without a Catchy. Saves time, food and sanity !!! Highly recommend it!

Love love love, thank you for making this product!

This product has changed my life! so easy to clean and catches 99 percent of my baby’s food! Such a fantastic products. Highly recommend 10/10!!

Life saver!

SO glad I googled “something to catch the food my baby throws” one day when I thought I was going to lose my mind. No only do I not have to clean my floor, but I don’t waste a ton of food! Thank you so much!


I love our catchy. Saves so much clean up time and pretty easy to install. Our dog also loves it, he considers it an extra dog food bowl and loves helping us clean up 😂

The catchy saved my sanity

My baby casually drops everything (food, spoons, plates, cups, toys etc) from his high chair as we start weaning him. At first I wasn’t sure if we really need a catchy (a splash mat is enough??) but it saves this poor mommy from bending up and down a million times to pick up the stuff. It’s also very easy to clean which is helpful when you have to do it so many times in the day! Highly recommended.


It’s been an absolute awesome product
Best idea ever

Life saver

We absolutely LOVE our catchy! With baby girl learning how to eat independently I used to have a lot of cleaning to do after each meal. Now everything falls into the catchy and can be cleaned with one quick wipe.
To “embrace the mess” is much easier when you don’t spent a lot of time cleaning afterwards 😉

Game Changer!

This product is so great. It’s a super easy to clean and saves all the food that would’ve gotten onto the floor and eaten by my dog. The quality is much better than I thought it would be. It also makes cleaning the highchair easier because you push all the dirt down onto the catchy then it’s a simple wipe off.


I would die without the catchy, not even joking. Twin girls starting solids is seriously messy, and with high gloss tiles I am not a fan of things falling on them…but now with two catchys my floor stays clean yay!! So easy to wipe it out too, doesn’t stain and just makes life a million times easier!


We really do love our Catchy! I’ve been eyeing them off for so long, wondering if they were really worth the hype. After quite a few friends recommended them, I finally purchased one and my only regret is not buying it sooner! All babies love to throw their food and drink bottles off the edge of their high chairs, and having a Catchy means that nothing hits the floor. The only one star review comes from my dog, who no longer gets to eat said floor food, but he doesn’t pay the bills so he doesn’t get a day. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Catchy, don’t wait any longer! You won’t regret it!