Ikea Antilop Twin Catchy Bundle - The food and mess catcher for high chairs

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Bundle and Save with the Ikea Antilop Twin Catchy Bundle. Which includes TWO Ikea Antilop catchy's.

The Catchy is a world-first food catcher! It has been expertly designed to make mealtimes a breeze for parents, and fun for your little one. Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, Catchy is made from a non-toxic material so you can safely re-offer dropped food to your little human, or pop it in a Silicone Bowl With Lid and in the fridge for another time. Say goodbye to constant cleaning, back-breaking, wasted food, and ruined floors. 

Save your food, save your floors and save your sanity with Catchy!

Customer Reviews

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Leasha Finney
WOW! Such a game changer for mealtimes!

No more breaking my back and getting down on my hands and knees to clean up huge messes anymore! Would highly recommend this product to anyone… Wished we had purchased it a lot sooner ☺️

Genuinely useful!

At first I was skeptical of how useful the Catchy would be, and a bit shocked at how much space it takes up around the high chair. However, having used it for a couple of months I can confidently say it’s brilliant! No more messy floor and so much easier to grab a cup or spoon that gets launched. Easy to assemble and clean. Not cheap but worth the investment.

Hollie M

We live out catchy! We are in the middle of an extension and our screed floor is extremely porous so food gets stuck and is a nightmare to clean!! The catchy fits our Tripp trapp perfectly and is a dream to clean. The toughest of orange stains which obliterate baby’s bibs glide away with zero scrubbing. It is still as perfectly white as the day it arrived. Highly recommend!

Sig.ra Giulia Zeri
The answer to my prayer!

It’s perfect! It catches everything preventing the floor to became super messy with food and also from damages when baby learn how throw toys on the hardwood floor.

Easy to set up, easy to clean

I set this up on the lounge floor and put it in the dining room. It has saved our dogs loads of extra calories and saved our carpet.

Julia Morgan
Life changing

My parents and husband watched as I unpacked and assembled the catchy; the room was quiet, until my mother cracked; ‘what will you waste money on next?’, I have to admit, I was thinking I might have made a bad call on this one, but i kept my poker face and continued with the assembly……Dinner was quickly upon us, the piglet was served, food was dropped and tossed (at times purposely). I should have kept the faith - it worked so well, I estimate a 90% catch rate on that first meal (only missing some very side ways throws that only an enclosed bubble could not have stopped).
My mother took her words back and the others commented on how great it was! My anxiety disappeared; I didn’t have to admit to being wrong and wasting money (which we don’t really have for frivolous things) on items that don’t work!
It’s been life changing. Clean up is so quick now and food isn’t getting trampled through the house.
The catch ratio has improved too due to the fact that she isn’t flinging food around so much as she doesn’t get the reaction or to watch it being cleaned up!
Love it!

Felicity Henry
This is a game changer!!

This has made our life so much easier! No longer having to get down and clean the entire floor below, we can just wipe out our catchy after each feeding. No more of our dogs eating foods that might upset their tummy's. It's been a game changer for our whole family, what an awesome invention! 👏🏻 Thank you!

James Smithson
Amazing - Worth Every Penny

This has changed our lives! No more bending down every 5 seconds and getting achey back! It was super easy to set up. Would recommend to other families!

Chee Yap
It's a must for your high chair

It saves my back. Very easy to clean and I don't have to keep bending to pick up toys and food.

Julie Laux
We LOVE our Abiie Catchy!

Starting solids, especially with baby led weaning can be SO MESSY! We knew we wanted to get the Abiie Beyond Highchair for many reasons, but we were bummed the Catchy wasn't compatible! We've been LOVING our Abiie Catchy since we got it recently and it makes meal times FUN again! Highly recommend for any parent. Fits perfectly on our Abiie chair and makes meal time clean up 3x per day a *breeze*