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Everything you need for starting solids!

Everything you need for starting solids!

We all know that starting solids can be daunting – where do I start? What do I need? and finally, what do I do about all the mess?! 😱 Don’t worry, Catchy has the essentials you need to start solids stress-free!

There’s no denying mealtimes are messy. It is more common for your bub to squish, squeeze and throw their food than to actually eat it at the start, and that’s OK! This is all part of the fun and learning new skills. Messy eaters are good eaters – that’s why we’ve got all the feeding accessories you need to make your life easier as parents while you best support your bub on their eating journey. 

Click here to learn more about making mealtimes a positive experience. 


All our food-grade silicone products are designed to make your lives easier – microwave safe and dishwasher safe makes for easy prep and clean up! With the suction bases, you won’t need to worry about bub flinging their plates and bowls across the room. And for any inevitable spillage along the way, our OG highchair Catchy has your back (literally)! Let bub try to feed themselves with our soft and safe silicone spoon and ergonomically designed bowls, to help bub scoop up their food more easily. But at the end of the day, eating is more of a full body experience for babies so that’s we’ve got you (and them) covered with our coverall smock-bibs and silicone Catchy bib

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As a bonus, all our feeding accessories scrunch up nicely in your bag for on-the-go meals! Simply wipe clean with a wipe when out and about!


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