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Expert Tips: The Battle of Broccoli

Expert Tips: The Battle of Broccoli

New food naysayers: Struggling to get your child to eat new foods?
Did you know? It can take up to 15 exposures before kids tolerate or even try a new food. 
Try this:
  1. Get creative by exposing them to the food in different ways, through sensory play, cooking together and playful presentations.
  2. Take the pressure off: By offering continued exposure without any pressure to actually eat the food, you're laying the foundation for your child to eventually try and enjoy the food. 
  3. Persistence pays off: Don't give up after just a few attempts. With patience and persistence, your child may surprise you by embracing foods they once rejected.

Dr. Rachel explains the importance of exposure in this bite-sized (90 sec) video below.  

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